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The term «puppets» appeared in the designation of large dolls. Dolls are made on the basis of three-dimensional structures of soft, leather cloth, fur or other material. Designed as a costume, they put on a person, allow them to move freely, to amuse the guests and hand out promotional materials.
Mascot - is the super-toy and a powerful means of advertising, it attracts a lot of attention!
Mascots are essential participants in promotions, exhibitions, children's parties. Regardless of the role they perform they always create a good mood, for both children and adults.  If you would like to congratulate your friends on the holiday fun in an unusual, original way the puppets are what you need.
Actors in the puppet outfits come to your home, office, a kindergarten for your child and congratulate the birthday boy with flowers, balloons, and present your gift.
The effect is guaranteed!

Choose the puppets on our website and call us for a visit!

• Do you want to visit your favourite cartoon characters from your childhood? We have them!
• Mickey and Minnie Mouse
• Tirgu of Winnie the Pooh
• Crocodile Gena and Cheburashka
• Shrek
• Matreshka
• the Heart
• Mouse
• Snowmen
• Mouse Stripper

Mickey and Minnie Mouse Tigra Tigra Heart Heart
Crocodile Gena and Cheburashka Mouse Shrek Tigra and Minnie Mouse Snowman

Nice and Fluffy our puppets arrive with the biggest pleasure to congratulate you or play with the birthday boy/girl and their friends.
Mascots - a great tool for organizing events, concerts, presentations and shows.
They can be used as an advertisement for participation in promotions, exhibitions, festivals, competitions, sports events.
Cheery, clockwork puppets are good to use in folk festivals with themes such as: Carnival, Festivals and promotions for consumer goods.


Charming Mouse-stripper will amuse your colleagues on a night out.
«Striptease performed by puppets» - is a gift for people with a sense of humor. Eccentric, young, also extremely talented and artistic puppets perform an unforgettable erotic dance.
Enticing shapes, luxurious bust and exclusive lingerie will impress anyone in this humorous show!

Mouse Stripper Mouse Stripper

You can order the performance of our artists on your holiday.
For details please ask our managers.

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