“NADIN EVENT AGENCY” offers a wide range of institutional services such as conceptual design activities of complex preparatory work and ending with full implementation of the project and analysis of developments after its completion:
• Development of the concept, style and scenario events
• Prepare database of potential participants (invitations, telephone calls and providing a full account for the audience)
• Offering wide range of venues
• Making space
• Catering
• Organisation of transport for service participants
• Technology for the event (projection equipment, lights, sound)
• Development and production of advertising, printed materials and souvenirs
• Working with the media, including distribution of press releases
• Transportation (coaches, airplane ticket flights ,reservations)
• Services of professional photographers and cameraman
• Interpreter services
• Providing the necessary technical staff (receptionists, promoters, etc.)
• Cultural-entertainment, excursions and other services necessary for organizing the event logistics
• Development of activities for tickets, transfers and hotel bookings
• Analysis and reports of the event after its completion
• Printing services (leaflets, flags, banners , stickers and any other promo materials)

Also we provide entertainment events for companies:
• Holidays celebrations
• Teambuilding
• Corporate parties
• Concerts
For each client we develop unique program based on need and wishes.